kateyleigh's Journal

This is a catch-all for varied interests, and anything that crosses my mind. I'm maybe a bit eclectic in my interests. Politics, Social Justice (do not read Liberal socialism), environmental concerns (I'm not a tree-hugger, but really folks, the Earth is finite), so you'll probably see everything from Personality analysis, to Political rants, Speaking on behalf of my dog, will probably stay away from familial rants, except in a third party approach, although I reserve bragging rights~~~& total nonsense.
I'm a Mom of 3 grown boys---who I raised virtually by myself, and they turned out pretty darned good...lots learned in that endeavor, and 3 daughter-in-laws, and grandma to 2 grand-daughters. Being Grandma is total fun. Oh yeah and doting Mommy/Peoples to Jakey.
I live in the Northwest and love this country, not so enthusiastic about the winters. They'd be fine if they were much shorter. I've often thought the stork dropped me in the wrong section of the country. I've always been fascinated by the South..maybe I lived a previous life there. ;).