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This area is beautiful and full of many hiking trails, camping, fishing and wildlife, many of which I've spent wonderful hours on. I understand there are three wildfires currently in the area and traffic is being diverted. It's so sad to see and hoping they get it out quickly, safely with no further injuries. OK~ I think I may be slightly horrified & traumatized by this. My trails!, all that beautiful scenery and hiking! :(

Rock Creek fire burning south of Red Lodge, 1 firefighter injured

This is roughly the area, Lost lake

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Looks Fun

Well I think it looks fun, anyway--and it would be fun with Jakey. I'm 100% sure he wouldn't be enthused--at all.

Skydiving Dog

via : cuteoverload.tumblr
The goal here was a little quality time with my furbaby at Schoenfeld Park---a popular place to walk, jog, or mostly take your dog for a walk. Jake by they way, isn't particularly fond of it-it's that trees and strange places thing - but the point is taking him with. I took my camera because I was thinking of getting shots of the interaction between dogs and their human's, an idea I got from another blogger.
Along the road, though, there are these abandoned buildings and sections of fence so I stopped to take, oh, around 80 pictures. We did finally make it to the parking lot of the trail, but by then Jakey was done with this adventure. Not time wasted though since the point was going with Mom & he really is a little trooper doggedly following along behind me-well until one point when he decided I could take pictures, he'd lay in the shade by the truck and watch.
I really wasn't going to post this many of Jake, but I think @kirshenehn influenced me. Really enjoy his hiking photo's with Charlie.

We met this guy taking some photo's around his place, where I stepped a step over for a better angle---and fell into a muddy ditch. Embarrassing--- I didn't think I was going to get out without help. the stance the other dog is taking is, I learned, a submissive stance. Like, really Pooch? You do know Jake would fit under you, right?


DSCN7167 (2)

DSCN7178 (2)

No clue what that car is doing up there.

Jakey gamely plowing through grass taller than he was




I'll just wait here...
I seriously have no idea why I'm not here more often. When I do, I spend hours browsing and reading. **Puzzled**


Originally posted by hushhushvideo at Abandoned Manor Farm
In a secluded spot on the English and Welsh border lies this old Manor Farmhouse where time has stood still for the past 40 years. Squeezing through a narrow window I enter a dust filled room, part of the floor has caved in revealing the dark cellar beneath, the rotting wood creaks as I sneak along the side of the room to the safety of the hallway....
I'm always amazed at the state some places were left in, who was there and why they left as they did.


The Video



Kersey Lake Hike

Which was, in itself, singularly unimpressive (4th picture down), but then I might have been a bit tired and cranky at that point. The goal was actually Vernon and Lillis Lakes, but road construction and the beautiful falls and pond before getting on the actual trail was breathtaking and of course I dawdled around. Not to mention all the wildflowers are in full bloom.
Finding the actual trailhead took four of us and three maps to find--we found it and guessed this might be the trailhead. Incredible considering this is also apparently the start of the famous Beaten Path. All said to cross the bridge. Well there's a bridge behind us so we figured we'd crossed it, not that after finding the trail off the path, there was another bridge crossing the falls (5th down). So off the backpackers (they were backpacking down to East Rosebud) went, and I trailed behind them, only to have them come up behind me by this 'lake' that they initially thought must be Kersey, as did I, except there was no way this was 1 1/2 miles in. So...there we were consulting the map again (theirs--which was a topographical map), which essentially gave us nothing definite, we figured this mist be a bulge in the river and again we thought this must be the right path--maybe. And off we all went about 60% sure we were on the right path.
They trooped on ahead, and I met up with a gentleman and 3-4 teenaged looking young men coming towards me. They'd been up through Vernon and over to Jackson Lake so at that point I was assured I was indeed on the right path, and eventually found the sign at the trail splitting off towards Vernon and Lillis. Nice to have that marked. Now explain why there is no sign at the narrow trail you have to get on, that is easily missed at the trail head? So I didn't make to to my goal, but the scenery in between was fantastic.
So this week, I'd like to go on the Broadwater River and Curl Lake Trail, I think that's what it's called anyway. It's at the same trailhead, but you split off somewhere on Kersey it looks like. Only I don't remember seeing another trail split heading that direction anywhere. I've had more problems finding trailheads the closer I get to Cooke City. But, when I do, it's well worth it. And if nothing else, there's plenty to admire and enjoy along the way.

Right by Beartooth Highway.





Jed. What a sweetheart, although his owner was appalled when he came bounding out f the water, shaking and gave me a big, wet hug. :) I was OK with it.


And I Missed It

via the Snow Creek Facebook page captioned Whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses--though I doubt he got any. I'm going to guess this is one of the Budweiser Clydesdales on July 4. The one year I decided not to go to Red Lodge on the Fourth, and look what I missed! :) I'd say this photo is a surprise...but not.


Group Guilt of Women?

I read a post today in which a woman (I have no idea what age--I suspect younger) states she had a terrible experience. She told him 'no' and he did what he wanted any way. Her biggest overriding emotion was guilt. Not personal guilt, but guilt that she let womenkind down and signaled his actions were OK by not fighting harder. I was a taken aback, and horrified that this type of guilt should even be in the picture, or that she should think she's sending any signal of the kind. She shouldn't feel she didn't fight hard enough- realistically most women are not strong enough to fight off a man--especially an adrenalin & possibly drug infused one. She shouldn't feel guilty, dirty or shamed because of the actions of her assailant--it isn't her fault, and she certainly should not be feeling this guilt towards womanhood. If anything, that alarmed me even more.

Sadly this isn't the first time I've heard women say they feel like they've let women down, they feel guilty. Women who didn't try harder for that promotion, women who were stay at home Mom's, women whose very life they feel guilty about because their Mother's would have had more opportunities had they not been born.

Where and when have we been taught and taken on this societal group think guilt trip? Isn't this supposed to be an enlightened and progressive age? This isn't enlightened, it doesn't relieve women of guilt or shame, it compounds the weight. It's unhealthy and destructive.

The person who responded to her, pointed out, rightfully, that she shouldn't feel guilt about what happened to her, nor that she let women down, but instead of expanding on that, went on to say she was so sorry the world's attitudes towards women's actions hurt her further. That women are conditioned to be nice, not to be violent, and to fear violence from men, women are taught to never fight back, ever. Ever! It was Okay, necessary and right--she deserved it ....Wow. Now that is archaic thinking. Destructive, harmful thinking. No matter how this group think tries to encourage women not to feel guilty, or that they deserve to be treated as such, by continuing to promote this as the 'world's attitudes', they continue to hold themselves and women in bondage to that very attitude--whether, on the whole, it exists or not. With added portions of guilt for letting women down.
I know I'll probably get slaughtered for this, but I feel so bad for her and appalled that in addition to all the emotions to deal with from being assaulted, she learned to feel guilty towards women--even if that's not the intent.

Clarks Fork Trail

Hiking up on Clarks Fork Trail. I was just doing a short one to Beartooth Creek, until I was stopped by a small herd of cows who had no where else to take an afternoon siesta except across the trail. I could hear the creek...but they're bigger than me and I surrendered. And DO NOT kneel down on the stickery things. They'll grab hold of flesh and not let go.







Fireworks show put on by the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department. As always, a great, high energy show and the perfect night for it.














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