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A Comedy of Error's Week, Or Something :)

Much to my surprise, my weekend last was interrupted by the flu. No, the real flu - influenza. What the Heck.. and I faithfully get my flu shot since the first and last time I got the flu on New Years Eve 1999. Hit my like a brick on Sunday and knocked me on my butt all week. Enforced and miserable one week vacation. I tried this morning to go back into work, made it to the building and up the stairs. And then back home. Aside from the whole I-felt-like-I-was-dying thing, there has been some humor...in retrospect.

I had been out taking pics on Saturday night for Relay for Life at the indoor football game, and took the opportunity to practice actions shots:

Is this a legal move?

The next day, or maybe the next - this is where things get hazy as the virus and temp kick in, I charged up the camera battery, I remember this, and at some point realized it was still plugged into the socket. I took it out, put the cover on the battery and put it...somewhere. Noticing somewhere along the time I left the charger out and put it away in the drawer where it belongs. At some point I found myself looking in my camera bag for the battery..or something.I'm still not sure why I would have been doing this. Since I was surprised the battery wasn't there, I have no idea why I was looking in the bag. At any rate the extra battery wasn't in the bag. Not.A.Clue where it might be.

In the meantime, I was running out of cold meds and I really needed a humidifier, so I crawled out to the car to spread my misery at Walmart (this might be poetic justice- I probably picked this up there, and judging by the empty flu and cold shelves, I think that's a justified conclusion)- this may have been around day three. I stop at the gas station because I'm almost out of gas, and drive off without putting the gas cap back on. My nephew, who saw it, texts me later and reminds me that gas caps are kind of important, and I think Whew! he picked it up from the parking lot. Nope, it hung onto the top of my car until I was well out on the street. Awesome.

I get to the check out, and knowing my account for my debit card is pretty much empty, pulled out my checkbook (it pulls off another account). The cashier asks for my photo ID..and it isn't in my wallet. Nowhere in my purse. It's never out of my wallet unless I move it to my other hiking wallet. It wasn't there either. Not.A.Clue.

Yesterday, still looking for my battery and license, as a longshot, I pull this extra camera bag out. I use this one only when I'm not taking anything extra. It's tucked in the corner between the book case and the wall & I have to actually make the effort to reach for it. Sure enough I had taken it out, unzipped it, tucked the battery in the pocket, zipped it up and put it back. And for fun, my license was in the side pocket. Now I can see how in my fever induced state, although I have no memory of doing so, I had put the battery in there, but my license? I had the battery in hand to put away, why would I have even taken my license out of my purse and put it in the camera bag?! So I put my license back in my wallet, and apparently threw the wallet into the closet instead of my purse, since that's where I found it this morning when I discovered it wasn't in my purse.

I rarely run a temp, but when I do I get a bit loopy, as this last week proves. can't wait to see what else I might have done this week.

Jakey, my poor baby, has been so good this week even though I think he was getting worried I might die. Then who would take care of him. I promised him I'd live, but truthfully I was worried I'd die in my sleep. Totally irrational (to a point, because people most certainly have passed away from influenza), and I certainly never gave that any serious thought 15 years ago when I had the flu, nor would I have now except for a gal at work who died in her sleep, or at least during the night, on New Years Eve from flu and pnuemonia a couple years ago. Even though I knew she had other health problems, including diabetes I think, that still didn't stop me, in my fever induced irrationality, from worrying I would, too.

To top it all off, I get not one, but three cold sores. Ugh!

I had made a daycare date for Jake a week ago, and considered canceling since I'm home, but the poor baby wants to play and I'm just not up to it. So I called and asked if it was still OK to bring him in? I'd 'dump & run' so I didn't risk infecting anyone. They said it was fine so I asked Jake if he wanted to go to Daycare and play? He couldn't get out the door fast enough. When I dropped him off he went trotting off with Mashayla without a backward glance at me. Now he likes his Daycare when he goes, and he loves the peeps, but I usually get the 'are you leaving me??' look. Not this time.

I do have the best boss ever, though. I thought I'd make it today, didn't and he told me not to worry. I feel guilty. I mean, this has been all week.



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